Reduce your fleet fixed and operating costs.

Fleet and workforce routing and scheduling
for transport and field service logistics optimization.

Why Routist?

It's a web-based optimization software to schedule and track customer orders such as pickups, deliveries or services. It allows to efficiently manage fleets, supporting vehicle routing decisions and route planning with innovative algorithms.

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Routist helps you to:


Boost fleet performance

Cut fleets costs significantly and increase productivity by reducing travel times and fuel consumptions.


Increase efficiency and productivity

Optimize the usage of fleet vehicles, better exploiting fleet capacity and human resources. Avoids dead times efficiently managing mobile team schedules.


Connect with your fleet

Streamline operations by connect with vehicles, sharing and tracking plans and orders through and mobile app.

Your business, your assistant!

Routist is serving individual drivers and small to large fleet managers. Wheter you are distributing goods, collecting them or scheduling workforce field services, you are the Routist!

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The Office and the Fleet

Routist connects your office with the fleet supporting all your planning activities, and providing on-the-road resources with service information and jobs details.

If an event occurs to a vehicle, your office can easily reassign its jobs to a different vehicles or reoptimize the planned routes so as to fit the new scenario.

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