Make your routes smarter!

Supporting strategical, tactical and operational decisions, we help companies to achieve better fleet performances such as minimizing time, distances and transport costs, improving service efficiency and customers satisfaction.
Routist is a smart route planner to manage multiple stops and addresses on different routes. It supports several scenarios such as heterogeneous vehicles, multiple depots and sites. can make the difference for your business when dealing with multiple destination routes such as multi drops, pickups and field services.
Import orders and manage them
Import your customer addresses from an Excel file or using our APIs.
Find the best routes in seconds and explore different scenarios.
Connect with your fleet
Track drivers and jobs with our mobile apps or integrating your fleet tracking solution.

Evaluate route times and distances

Routist explores thousands of possible routes in seconds and suggest you the route that lets you save more time, mileage, and fuel. The calculation are based on accurate road data, resulting in reliable schedules and distances. KPIs of interest, such as mileage and driving times, are reported to our users altogether with maps and vehicle timelines.

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Effective Route Planner

Take advantage of Routist powerful algorithms to find the best schedule for your fleet, then manually modify the routes by drag-and-dropping jobs between your vehicles. Routist will recalculate the KPIs of interest for your fleet and it will show the new routes on the maps with all the necessary details.

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Smart routing and scheduling

Save time, mileage and fuel by finding the right routes for your fleet in seconds. Analyze the details of your operations, driving times, rest breaks, fleet capacity and workload distribution, customer orders and visit time windows. Routist can help you meet your Customer requirements by making your drivers happier, and dramatically reducing your operations costs.

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Integrate with our API or use Routist to store your data.

Seamless integrate Routist with existing software using our developer API. You don't have an ERP? No problem, use Routist to store your future orders, either single services or recurring orders.

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Connect with your fleet with Routist mobile apps!

Share plans with drivers, along with service details and notes. Track service order status in real-time. Locate vehicle position through GPS tracking.




Take advantage of our innovative software and algorithms representing the state-of-the-art of the scientific research in vehicle routing optimization.
Cut down on Hardware and IT costs using safe and reliable cloud platform.

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Main features

  • Multi-destination, multi-depot, multi-vehicle Routing and Scheduling.
  • Intuitive web-based drag-and-drop interface for plan tuning.
  • Latest maps and data from leading providers.
  • Mobile apps to share plans with vehicles and track order status.
  • Seamless REST/JSON API integration.
  • Real-time planning based on current order status and vehicle location.
  • Workload balancing
Icon-01 Orders:
Up to 2 order time-windows
Up to 3 different load unit demands
Order service time
Require a specific vehicle
Require multiple vehicle skills
Order priority
Add custom notes
Icon-02 Vehicles:
Up to 3 load capacity metrics
Depot or different start/end adress
Working hours
Max working time
Max driving time
Overtime management
Optional rest break duration and range
Custom vehicle skills
Setup cost, hourly and mileage cost rates, overtime cost
Subfleet support